Adobe Photoshop plugins from the 90's

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  • Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins contents 
  • 13 Photoshop Plugins contents 

What is Adobe Photoshop plugins from the 90's?

Archives containing various Photoshop plugins:

(PS Plug) Textissimo

(PS Brushes) 50 by Xaos

(PS) nik Sharpener 502

Eye Candy 4000


22 Photoshop PlugIns:

(PS Plug) AutoBleed
(PS Plug) AutoMask 1.0
(PS Plug) FractalCloud PPC
(PS Plug) Frosty-10
(PS Plug) HighKey Plugin
(PS plug) India Ink f
(PS Plug) LightningStrike
(PS Plug) Mirage  1.1
(PS Plug) Platemaker 1.0
(PS Plug) Textissimo
(PS PLUG)AS Glow 2.0
(PS PLUG)AS Motion Trail 2.0
(PS plug)EliminateWhite
(PS Plug)Photofusion 1.2
(PS) Chrome
(PS) Create_B_W
(PS) HoloDozo for Photoshop
(PS) Mirage  1.1
(PS) OttoPaths  1.0.img
(PS)Andromeda VariFocus
(PS)HotTEXT 1.0b2
(PS-Plug) CoCo v2.0


Kai's Cool Effects:

KPT CE 3D Stereo Noise
KPT CE Diffuse More
KPT CE Fade Constrast
KPT CE Find Edges&Invert
KPT CE Fractal Explorer
KPT CE Gaussian Electrify
KPT CE Gaussian Glow
KPT CE Gaussian Weave
KPT CE Grime Layer
KPT CE Pixelbreeze
KPT CE Pixelstorm
KPT CE Pixelwind
KPT CE Scatter Horizontal
KPT CE Sharpen Intensity
KPT CE Smudge Darken Right
KPT CE Special Blue Noise
KPT CE Special Green Noise
KPT CE Special Red Noise
KPT CE Texture Explorer


13 Photoshop Plugins:

Callisto 3D...
Flaming Text Effect
Frosty 1.0
Lightning Strike 2.6
LS 2.6 Netscape Plug-In


Download Adobe Photoshop plugins from the 90's for Mac

Adobe_Photoshop_Plug-ins.sit (15.45 MiB / 16.2 MB)
Lots of Photoshop plugins from the 90's / compressed w/ Stuffit
133 / 2016-09-10 / 2016-09-12 / 638d4bc53695c246d4e27854ab5f74c7619a6869 / /
13_Photoshop_Plugins.sit (697.4 KiB / 714.13 KB)
13 more Photoshop plugins / compressed w/ Stuffit
40 / 2017-08-19 / 5e0b64ed167b505bd2d467c2666e82d3feffa4a6 / /

Compatibility notes

Most of those plugins require Photoshop 3.x (some 4.x) or newer (probably up to anything that ran on Mac OS 9.x)


Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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