Car Wars!

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What is Car Wars!?

Car Wars! is a simple B&W arcade 2-player game of battles between different type of futuristic cars. First, you should select New Cars from the file menu. Then, choose a type of car for Player 1 and then Player 2 (You can change these by clicking in their window or selecting the car number from the file menu). The three bars mean game speed.  Armor means how much damage you can take and Weapon is how fast your bullets go. Next you should select begin from the Play menu.

Controls are very awkward: Use the keys W S A D Q for Player 1's controls, they do: Speed Up, Slow Down,Turn Left,Turn Right,and Fire, respectively. Player 2's controls are O L K ; I, they do the same as Player 1's.



Download Car Wars! for Mac

Car_Wars__1.0.sit (8.66 KiB / 8.87 KB)
Car Wars v1.0 / compressed w/ Stuffit
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Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K

System 6 - System 7

Runs on any 80's Macintosh or under vMac at 1x speed.

Note: You cannot cancel or quit Car Wars until the current deathmatch is finished, which is extremely annoying if you're trying to run this on ANYTHING else than vMac at 1x speed, since anything else than an 80's Macintosh will run too fast and you won't even have a chance of shooting the other player to end the match!


Emulating this? It should run fine under: Mini vMac

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