FWB Guide to Storage (PDF)

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What is FWB Guide to Storage (PDF)?


We hope you will find this an informative guide to one of the most important
components of your computer: your storage peripherals.

Most users never think twice about their drives until they cannot install a
new program or save a file. Yet behind the drive letter or icon on your screen
is a vast amount of technology representing millions of hours of research and
development. Storage peripherals are another way technology has enabled
users to dramatically increase their productivity.

This guide is not meant to document each subject exhaustively, but to serve
as a bridge between non-technical documentation on storage and the techni-
cal specifications that define the major standards and technologies. We will
cover many of the most important storage-related technologies in detail.

Once you have read this guide, if you are interested in deepening your under-
standing of storage technology, there are many fine books available that focus
on specific subjects, such as drive interfaces, jumper settings, and other stor-
age technologies. Look in the Bibliography for additional relevant titles.

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