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What is Looney Tunes (AfterDark module)?

Looney Tunes for AfterDark is a module collection depicting all classic Looney Tunes characters in funny cartoon screensaver action! It features nice step animations and sounds that are typical of the 68K Mac era.

Some of the Looney Tunes modules actually analyze what you have on your desktop when they start and create a customized scene accordingly, for example the "Desquetoppe D'Amour" module featuring Pepe Le Pew and Penelope creates a pink desktop with all your icons repainted, shuffled around and renamed to "Le [whatever]".

Looney Tunes for AfterDark contains the following modules each featuring classic Looney Tunes characters:

ACME Home Shopping
Cartoons 101
Desquetoppe D'Amour
Looney Tunes Faceplate
Marvin's Invasion
Messages Custom
Michigan J. Frog
Putty Tat Splat!
Taz Desktop
Wockets' Wed Gware
Yosemite Sam


Download Looney Tunes (AfterDark module) for Mac

after_dark_looney_tunes_cd.zip (5.61 MiB / 5.89 MB)
/ Zipped
39 / 2015-08-08 / cc8be6e7782b3f799a098febb80690f48b095dc1 / /
Looney_Tunes_for_AfterDark.sit (2.27 MiB / 2.38 MB)
Looney Tunes for AfterDark / compressed w/ Stuffit
122 / 2016-03-18 / 8a3fff049ff351c16d45215de82ba62443acbc9f / /

Compatibility notes

Requires AfterDark (tested working in AfterDark 4.0 but probably works in older AfterDark versions too)


Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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