Appearance Manager 1.0.3 (for Mac OS 7.x)

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  • The Appearance Manager Control Panel dialog 

What is Appearance Manager 1.0.3 (for Mac OS 7.x)?

If you are using MacOS 8.0 or later, you already have the Appearance Manager so this file is not useful to you, but for those of you using MacOS 7.1 - 7.6.1, after installing this, your Macintosh will have the MacOS 8 Platinum Appearance. This will change the way windows, buttons, Finder icons, and the menubar look. The menus will also stay down when you click on their titles. If you wish to return to the old System 7 look, open the Appearance control panel, and click the Options button. Then disable "System-wide Platinum Appearance" and set the system font to Chicago. After restarting, your Mac will return to the old System 7 look under applications which do not specifically require the Appearance Manager.

     Step 1:  Remove the "WindowShade" and "Color" control panels from your "Control Panels" folder. The functionality of these control panels have been replaced by the "Appearance" control panel and are known to conflict if both are installed.

     Step 2: If you have an old version of an interface-altering extension/control panel (Aaron, Kaleidoscope and others) you may wish to disable them until you can obtain the current version, as they might conflict with the Appearance Manager.

     Step 3: Move "Appearance" to the "Control Panels" folder.

     Step 4: Move "Appearance Extension" to the "Extensions" folder.

     Step 5: Move ".Keyboard" and "Charcoal" to the "Fonts" folder.

     Step 6: Restart your computer.


Download Appearance Manager 1.0.3 (for Mac OS 7.x) for Mac

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Appearance control panel v1.0.3 for System 7.x / compressed w/ Stuffit
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68K + PPC (FAT)

Compatibility notes

Mac OS 7.x (newer already ship with it)

Note: This is a system extension (and control panel).  To install it, drag and drop the control panel and the extension files onto your System Folder and reboot.


Emulating this? It could probably run under: SheepShaver

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