MacDim with modules

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  • MacDim control panel interface 
  • ChaosZoom module 
  • Coral module 
  • TunnelVision module 
  • ShadeCluster module 
  • Molecules module 
  • Flame module 

What is MacDim with modules?

MacDim is a screensaver control panel that draws almost no RAM since it launches module applications instead of keeping them in memory while the computer is used.  MacDim features different modules which you could purchase separately and some freeware modules too, while the MacDim control panel itself is freeware.  There were only near a dozen MacDim modules ever made, but some were artistically pleasing for the time.

Included modules with the MacDim v2.2.1 download file are:

Blackout 1.0.3
ChaosZoom 1.0
Coral 1.0
Fireballs 1.4.1
Flame 1.0
Henon 1.0
LangtonAnts 1.0
Molecules 1.1
PixelGallery 1.0
ShadeCluster 1.1.1
Tunnelvision 1.1.1


Download MacDim with modules for Mac

MacDim_2.0.1.sit_.hqx (196.55 KiB / 201.27 KB)
/ BinHex'd, use Stuffit Expander
2 / 2015-08-08 / 440c358579aafd4f63c049db338f1378902bfdaf / /
MacDim_2.2.1_and_Modules.sit (1.22 MiB / 1.28 MB)
MacDim v2.2.1 with modules / compressed w/ Stuffit
12 / 2016-03-08 / 6c1780ca5303aff4086dfbc7be64f538680f4516 / /
MacDim_2.2.1.sit (213.03 KiB / 218.14 KB)
/ compressed w/ Stuffit
2 / 2015-08-08 / c0b1938587c75582cc64b890b6f0bbb50212f2ed / /

Compatibility notes

System 7 - Mac OS 9.2.2

Installation: MacDim is a control panel. To install it, just drop the MacDim file (not the folder) on the system folder icon. The system will automatically place it in the right folder. Restart your computer to make it load at startup. The MacDim icon will be visible at the bottom of the main screen if the dimmer loads correctly. To temporarily disable MacDim, press the mouse button during startup.
Put the MacDim Modules folder anywhere on your hard disk.
Avoid using multiple screensavers at the same time. MacDim is however compatible with the Energy Saver control panel, which could be used for harddisk sleep.



Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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