Author: John Spicer
Publisher: Dragon Software
Type: Games
Category: Strategy , Top Down
Shared by: that-ben
On: 2016-02-27 12:23:20
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  • Gameplay 

What is LandShark?

LandShark game purpose is simple : kill the LandShark and don't get killed. This is not as easy as it sounds. The LandShark wins if it either destroys all of your military units (which means that eventually all your civilian ones will be destroyed), or by destroying all your civilian targets. You win if you destroy the LandShark.

You also have the option of playing the LandShark and wreaking havoc upon the unsuspecting humans. In this case, to win, you must destroy both the military and civilian targets.

Instructions for playing the LandShark:

    1) Upon booting the game, a demo will be shown, unless the mouse button is held down, which will skip the demo.
    2) The user will then be asked to pick a LandShark from the popup list, from LandShark Mk I (basically a German WWII halftrack), to the LandShark Mk XXVII (Planetary Assault Vehicle). The default is the LandShark Mk XIV. Also, the user may pick a difficulty level, either easy, hard, or deadly. The default is easy. If (More Water) is selected, about 30% of the map will be water, as opposed to the default of 15%.
    3) Depending upon the LandShark selected, the computer gains a certain number of points to spend on military and civilian units.
    4) After the selection of the LandShark, the computer randomly selects both civilian and military units, and places them upon the map.
    5) The LandShark is then placed (anywhere within three hexes of any edge of the map), and the game begins.


    1) The computer moves all its pieces. The computer then fires any piece that are within range. The LandShark then takes it's turn.
    2) Drag the LandShark piece to move it. The length of the line corresponds to the number of hexes the piece can move.
    3) The LandShark can fire at any time during it's turn. Shift-click upon your piece and select the weapon to fire. Then click upon the Target hex and select your target.
    4) When you have run out of weapons to fire, or out of movement for that turn, or you are simply finished, type `n' or `N' and the turn will be ended.


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Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K

At least 1.5MB of free RAM


Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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