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What is Nevermind?

Nevermind is based on the classic board game Mastermind. Here follows a brief instruction for those who don't know the rules.

Imagine a code of colored dots in the row at the bottom of the Nevermind window. Your task is to figure this code out. You have ten guesses to do this, and for each guess you will see how many of your dots are right and wrong, but you will not see which of them is the right one(s). The clues are displayed at the right hand side of the window. A black dot means right color in the right place. A white dot means the right color in the wrong place and X means wrong. So, if the hidden code is "Black, Blue, Green, Black" and you guessed "Red, Black, Green, Blue" you would see one black, two whites and one X. Now you have to figure out which one of the colors in your guess is the right one.

When you have figured out the code you score will be shown, and if it's high enough it will be added to the highscore list. Your score is calculated like this: Your time * Number of guesses.


Download Nevermind for Mac

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Nevermind v1.2.1 / compressed w/ Stuffit
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Compatibility notes

Architecture: PPC only

At least 5.4MB of free RAM

Tested on Mac OS 9.0.4 and Mac OS 9.2.2

Emulating this? It could probably run under: SheepShaver

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