PhotoWorks 1.0.1 (Mac)

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What is PhotoWorks 1.0.1 (Mac)?

The Seattle FilmWorks file format is used for images created by Seattle FilmWorks Inc., a Film Processing company that was located in Seattle, WA. : Seattle FilmWorks picture disk software : Seattle FilmWorks
useful links: Seattle FilmWorks file format converters (

Note: The file format SFW can be opened/imported by several programs and converters.
XnView (macOS 10.13+) works with opening/viewing these files.  Powerful Image Viewer· XnView MP



We are looking for the following files PWPPC_S.sit.hqx , PW68K_S.sit.hqx and PWFAT_S.sit.hqx.   
These files were supplied by the PhotoWorks website which is no longer available and unfortunately not crawled by  PhotoWorks page at

Download PhotoWorks 1.0.1 (Mac) for Mac

(261.35 MiB / 274.05 MB)
v2.3 (win) - v1.0.1 (mac) / ISO image
1 / 2023-10-02 / 2023-10-02 / 23877832db22bb29285a9dd8080c8b730d3868d7 / /
(555.07 KiB / 568.39 KB)
PhotoWorks v1.0.1 / BinHex'd, use Stuffit Expander
0 / 2023-10-02 / 9caf59287406d99d6db6e5927fc1bc2c1013b2ef / /
(2.46 MiB / 2.58 MB)
PhotoStreamer (Mac OS X) / compressed w/ Stuffit
1 / 2023-10-02 / a02223ad07ea876c84ceb67319d032f25270eefc / /



Compatibility notes

The Gimp (under Windows) didn't recognize these SFW files.
Samples of SFW files to test can be found here : Index of /fileFormatSamples/image/seattleFilmWorks/

Emulating this? It could probably run under: SheepShaver

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