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  • Gameplay in day time 
  • Gameplay in autumn / fog 
  • Gameplay in night time 

What is SimHarbor?

You are asked to build a harbor for a town near the Atlantic ocean.  The location is near the routes between Europe and America, so chances are good to get some shipping companies to use the harbor. You and your compagnions found a firm, the "SimHarbor Building and Construction Society" (SBCS) and with a starting capital of 200.000 £ from the City Council the work begin.

Playing SimHarbor
In the beginning there is water. Start the harbor from any side, but note that the ocean is to the north, all floods, hurricans etc. will come from there. Use the tools to add piers, cranes and warehouses. Use the tool button with the little boat to set your company boat. Click on the boat for a popup with more items; you may use shift-arrowkeys to sail the boat. Make use of the shift- and optionkey with each tool e.g. shift-lighthouse will bring a green one.

SimHarbor has resources identical to SimCity 2000, most notably some sounds like boat honk, some menus at the top like the game speeds and the newspaper concept.  It plays very similarly too.


Download SimHarbor for Mac

SimHarbor_1.5.sit (2.78 MiB / 2.92 MB)
SimHarbor 1.5 / compressed w/ Stuffit
34 / 2015-12-11 / 11f1de92e4a5611f3d582cc4d433aab906243de6 / /
simharbor150.sit (2.53 MiB / 2.66 MB)
/ compressed w/ Stuffit
1 / 2015-08-09 / a65999246df9cf50d9015f9668e2e31b04a0a623 / /
SimHarbor_(1.2.2).sit (2.13 MiB / 2.23 MB)
SimHarbor 1.2.2 disk image / compressed w/ Stuffit
11 / 2015-12-10 / 2015-12-11 / 454096956c3b8d93341f709fbe16406a35beb6ea / /



Compatibility notes

SimHarbor requires a PPC Macintosh computer.
At least 10MB of free RAM.
It was tested on PPCs from OS 7.x up to OS 9.2.
A screen size between 640x480 and 1024x768 pixel is recommended.


Emulating this? It should run fine under: QEMU

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