Lemonade Stand

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What is Lemonade Stand?

Lemonade Stand is a simulation game where players take charge of their own lemonade business in the fictional town of Lemonsville.

Before the start of each business day, players are given the day's weather forecast: Sunny, cloudy or hot and dry. After receiving the weather report, players take charge of three factors that will affect business for the day: The number of glasses of lemonade to make, the number of advertising signs, and the cost of lemonade per glass.

Depending on how the prices are set during the day's weather conditions, players will either make a profit or lose money until the next day.

Lemonade stand is a single-player game or can be played with up to 30 players alternating turns.

 - (MobyGames)

Lemonade Stand is a business simulation game created in 1973 by Bob Jamison of the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC). In it, the player moves through several rounds of running a lemonade stand, beginning each round by making choices dependent on their current amount of money about their stock, prices, and advertising. In each round, the results are randomized based on the player's inputs, as well as affected by random events such as thunderstorms and street closures. Each round ends with a summary of the player's current status, and the game ends after 12 rounds.

In 1979, the game was ported by Charlie Kellner to the Apple II; Apple subsequently included the game with their computers throughout the 1980s. MECC also offered the game for sale as a part of bundles of children's software for Apple computers and Atari 8-bit computers. Kellner's source code was released, and has since been ported to modern computers as a free, open-source game. Reviewers of the game, both contemporary and retroactive, viewed the game as a good primer for children with regard to business and decision-making processes.

 - (Wikipedia)

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