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  • A .SIT file that conains System 7 being extracted on Windows 11 

What is Aladdin Expander?

Aladdin Expander is a Windows port of Stuffit Expander, a utility for extracting Mac .SIT files. This can be used to open .SIT files that contain floppy/CD-ROM disk images (.TOAST, .ISO .etc) that have been dumped on a Mac, these can be used to install "Classic Mac OS" on emulators like "Mini Vmac" and "Sheepshaver".

Never expand .img files outside of a Macintosh without verifying that they are NOT in Disk Copy 6 format. Disk Copy 6 format relies on the resouce fork and resource forks can only exist outside a Macintosh when inside a StuffIt, MacBinary, or BinHex file so extracting them outside a Macintosh will throw away part of the disk image and ruin it.

(Imagine using Ctrl+S to save an Imgur album, but then only keeping the .html file without the _files folder containing the image files.)

If you need to mount a Disk Copy 6 disk image into an emulator, unpack the .sit file inside the emulator, then either use mac disk image mounting software inside the emulator or convert the disk image into a format that won't be destroyed by moving it outside of a mac in uncompressed form.

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Intel x86-64

Compatibility notes

Please do NOT use this tool to open Mac archives (.SIT) that don't contain disk images as it will render the file as useless/corrupted.

Emulating this? It could probably run under: SheepShaver

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