Russia: The Great War in the East 1941-1945

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What is Russia: The Great War in the East 1941-1945?

Russia: The Great War in the East is a strategy game developed and published by the Australian company Strategic Studies Group in 1987 for the Commodore 64 and Apple II. The game takes place during the Second World War on its eastern front. The game campaign includes a full-fledged development of events from the beginning of hostilities between the armies of Germany and the Soviet Union in 1941 to their end in 1945.

«Russia: The Great War in the East" is a step-by-step hexagonal wargame. Contains one large campaign and three separate small scenarios. The campaign map consists of 12 sectors, and each scenario occupies two or three of them. Each such sector is placed on one game screen.

There are a total of 18 different menus in the game. The player can get information about the supply level of each hexagon and who controls it. One squad occupies one hexagon. According to the map, it is possible to determine which type of troops is located in a particular place, but more accurate information can only be obtained by a player who owns this combat unit.

The player does not control combat units directly. The command of the troops is carried out through the indication of the basic doctrine and the distribution of orders to each unit.

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