Castle Wolfenstein

Author: Silas Warner
Publisher: Muse Software
Type: Apple II
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What is Castle Wolfenstein?

Castle Wolfenstein is a 'action—adventure' computer game developed by Silas Warner and released in 1981 by Muse Software. The first game in the Wolfenstein series.

Castle Wolfenstein is one of the early games in which the gameplay is based on the game mechanics of stealth and shooter. In retrospect, Castle Wolfenstein began to be considered as one of the games that served as a prototype and had a direct impact on the games of the genre of stealth and first-person shooter, and is also called one of the first games among stealth adventure shooters.

The game takes place during the Second World War, the main character is a prisoner of war, placed in a Nazi fortress called Wolfenstein. At some point, he manages to free himself and get a weapon. After that, he is tasked with finding secret Nazi war plans in the castle and getting out of the fortress alive. The gameplay is an adventure in a maze where the player can use a pistol and grenades, eliminate enemies, sneak past patrolling guards, search chests and defeated Nazis.

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Apple II or Apple II Plus with 48k

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