The Operative: No One Lives Forever

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What is The Operative: No One Lives Forever?

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Who wants to live forever?

Your mission: Assume the role of Cate Archer, a beautiful but deadly operative working for UNITY, a super-secret organization fighting to free the world from the clutches of H.A.R.M. From tense subterfuge to in-your-face combat, No One Lives Forever ups the ante for plot-driving, 1960's-influenced spy action with killer weapons, vivid international locations, and deadly arch-villains. Equipped with an arsenal of powerful weapons and ingenious gadgets, you must unravel a mystery that will lead you halfway around the world in a desperate search for answers. Try not to blow your cover, or your cool.

  • Fifteen missions across sixty levels. Unique situations worth of any super spy: skydive from a plummeting airliner, fight off killer sharks, and explore twisted jungles.
  • Ride motorcycles and snowmobiles through vast, realistic landscapes and environments, rich with texture and detail.
  • Choose your weapons carefully: An AK-47 assault rifle or a 9mm silenced automatic or an M79 grenade launcher or a silent but but deadly crossbow with sniper scope.
  • Use stealth to take down the enemy from a distance or charge in with guns blazing.
  • Smart enemies move and react with striking realism. Watch them seek cover, respond to suspicious sounds, or launch coordinated attacks.
  • Multiplayer for up to sixteen players: Take your chances in an all-or-nothing Good vs. Evil multiplayer game or go head-to-head in deathmatch mode. Choose from over thirty different characters.

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Minimum requirements

OS: 10.1.4
CPU: G3 350 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
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Recommended requirements

OS: 10.2.1
CPU: G4 400 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
GPU: 16 MB

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