Deimos Rising

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What is Deimos Rising?

Deimos Rising is a computer game by Ambrosia Software, similar to many top-scrolling arcade shooters. The sequel to Mars Rising, it is available on Apple Macintosh and Windows platforms. It is similar to the scrolling arcade shooter, Xevious. The player commands a fighter-bomber airplane known as a VacFighter through twelve progressively more difficult levels. Some of the levels are named after ancient locations or battles, such as Thermopylae or Carthage.

The game builds on its predecessor by using greater colour depth (16 bit colour, rather than 8 bit as in Mars Rising), alpha transparency, motion blur, improved artwork and a wider range of enemies and weapons.

  — Wikipedia

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System Requirements

From Mac OS 8.6 up to Mac OS 10.6

Compatibility notes

Architecture: PPC / G3 or faster recommended

At least 40MB of RAM

Mac OS 8.6 - Mac OS X 10.6 (not compatible with more recent)


Edit 19/12/2020 : 

Hello !

I would like to share my licence, as Ambrosia Software is dead it's not piracy anymore. It's working with version 1.0.6 without (of course) crash after the end of the level 2.

Licensee Name: Aliocha Lang
No. of Copies: 1
License Code: LXJP-TRVF-9HUF

Important : Set your mac date to 14 December 2017

Enjoy it

Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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