Arthur's 1st Grade

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What is Arthur's 1st Grade?

Arthur's 1st Grade is an educational game for children aged five to seven that teaches different skills based on the US curriculum for children in the first grade. It is based on the book series by Marc Brown. The game comes on two discs. The first one is based around a story of "Bionic Bunny's Good Deeds Contest". Binky, D.W., Muffy, Brain, Francine, Arthur and Buster get the task by Mr. Ratburn to compete and do good deeds. The winner then gets to meet the superhero Bionic Bunny. Each character represents a different type of activity with three skill levels. The second disc is an activity center with music activities and printable worksheets and games. Players can also create storybooks and cards There are nine activities and 50 games in total. Skills that are developed include math, reading, vocabulary, spelling, creativity, and strategy. Some games can be played with two players. Arthur provides clues and hints if a player gets stuck. There is an auto levelling feature and progress reports. A map can be used to get around and there is a score checker for progress.

In the story mode the games have altruistic goals. Muffy picks up litter in the park and needs to progress on tiles by doing maths. Buster needs to help an order character who no longer can go outside. He describes items in scenes and the player has to pick out the correct ones based on drawings. Francine helps practice measurements by cutting candy at The Sugar Bowl. In another a stream full of logs needs to negotiated to have Binky help people across. In Brain's mini-game a computer needs to be programmed for Mrs Baxter by picking out the correct letters to complete words. For D.W. there is a board game to get across a rug to reach a baby by following clues based on colours and shapes. In another a word quilt needs to be completed by spelling words. Arthur also needs to complete sentence charts for Mr. Ratburn.

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