Mortal Pongbat

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What is Mortal Pongbat?

Mortal Pongbat is Pong, taken to a whole new level of vicious, friend-losing fun.

Take original, plain vanilla Pong, add the following features, shake vigorously and you get Mortal Pongbat:

1. Really cool graphics and effects
2. Neato nifty sounds
3. A beam weapon to burn holes in the other guy's paddle
4. Autonomous Mines bouncing around the field endangering your very existence as a player
5. Multiple brightly colored pucks
6. Pods that block and bounce the pucks, and contain prizes for you to get
7. Prizes (as mentioned above) like: Invincibility, More Pucks, Bigger Beam, Fix Shield
8. Two person play, as well as person vs. computer play.

Finally, you can go on the offensive in Pong. It’s about time. MortalPongbat fuses the bloody action of Mortal Combat with the high-tech appeal of Pong. The result is more fun than you might imagine. The basic gameplay is the same: Knock the ball past your opponent’s paddle with your paddle while keeping him or her from doing the same. MortalPongbat, however, adds additional twists with lasers, exploding balls, and more. You can play 2 against the computer or against another human. You’ll wonder how you ever suffered through a game of regular Pong once you try MortalPongbat.

Echler, Nikki, Reynolds, David, & Turner, Daniel Drew. (October 1997). The Top 50 Shareware Programs. MacAddict. (pg. 33).

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Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 1.4.1 is PPC only. 1.1 can be played on 68k Macs

Emulating this? It could probably run under: Basilisk II

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