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What is SIM express?

You can edit the different phonebooks stored in your phone, and exchange information with desktop applications.

There are two ways available in SIM express to do this: If you just need to quickly add names to the phone or change a number, use the Quick Edit feature. It opens the phone’s memory in online edit mode and changes are made instantly. The editing possibilities are naturally more limited compared to the other method: you can open the phone’s memory as a new file, which you can edit in more flexible manner, and in your own pace. You can save the file, open it for later use or print it, like any Macintosh file. And when you want, you can Save it back to phone, in either of the editable memories (SIM and device memory).

While Quick Editing the serial port used is reserved until the Quick Editing window is closed , and cannot be used by other applications (like Message Express or Remote Access); but Open From/Save To editing only uses the port when exchaning information with the phone.

You can also import information from any comma or tab separated text file, like the ones you can export from Microsoft Outlook Express or Microsoft Entourage. Naturally you can also export the phonebook as a text file, back to those applications, using export command.

And if you are using the Nokia Communicator 9110 and MacSuite, you can exchange information between MacSuite and SIM express using the MacSuite Import/Export.

Rosvall, Juha. (2000). Quick Guide. Electronic Document.

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System Requirements

From Mac OS 8.1

Compatibility notes

Minimum Requirements

  • Mac OS 8.1 (8.6 is recommended)
  • Cell phone with the following:
    • serial interface that supports the +CSCS, +CPBS, +CPBR, and +CPBW AT-standard commands
    • capable of using the default GSM character set

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