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What is SoBig?

SoBig is a Control Strip Module that shows the available RAM and startup disk space. The upper number with the memory chip icon is the amount of RAM available for new applications. The lower number with the hard disk icon is the amount of disk space available on the startup drive. Click on the module to see a menu of available space on all mounted drives. Hold down the command key while clicking on the module to show a menu of display options. You can turn off the little icons, the fractional portion of the values (rounded down to the next lowest integer), and the M's and the K's (units of measure). This makes SoBig's width smaller and more suitable for vertical strips such as Desktop Strip. When used with Apple's Control Strip, SoBig is sensitive to whether the hard disk is spinning or not and will not update the available disk space unless the drive is spinning. The drive will spin up when the list of all mounted volumes is displayed. Desktop Strip always reports that the drive is spinning, so SoBig always updates the numbers. 

Of course, you need Apple's Control Strip, Desktop Strip by Men and Mice, DragStrip by Natural Intelligence, or ExtensionStrip to use SoBig...

McClaughry, Patrick. (January 1996). SoBig README. Electronic Document.

Download SoBig for Mac

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Compatibility notes

Emulating this? It could probably run under: SheepShaver

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