Lunar Commando

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On: 2017-03-27 09:04:11
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  • Splash screen and preview of the gameplay stage 

What is Lunar Commando?

Lunar Commando is an unique arcade/action shareware game for Macintosh.  It's a hybrid between Missile Command and BurgerTime-ish meaning half of the level you aim and shoot rockets at descending spaceships using the left and right cannons while in the second half of the level, you incarnate the station defender (a human) which you can move left/right or go up/down the stairs.  To defend against the evil jelly mutants, you can shoot your gun left or right, but be warned that they can shoot too.  You can hide behind doors but not too close, since they open automatically when you're near them.  There are also 2 teleporters and a central elevator which you can use.  Each level wave increases in difficulty.

Lunar Commando features nice little 8-bit animation graphics, cool sound effects and an addictive gameplay.

This game uses one of the best copy protection there was out there at the time.  This game cannot be purchased anymore and the source code seems to be lost.  The author has been reached by ThinkIndifferent in early 2017.  So if you have a working version or know how to unlock the full version, please report in the chat.


Download Lunar Commando for Mac

lunar-commando-104.hqx (1.04 MiB / 1.09 MB)
Lunar Commando v1.0.4 demo (1998) / BinHex'd, use Stuffit Expander
46 / 2014-04-14 / 2017-03-27 / 541c150de72ef9bc01c395c1316a23d47d1215a3 / /
Lunar_Commandotm_1.0.3_Dem.sit (494.54 KiB / 506.41 KB)
/ compressed w/ Stuffit
4 / 2015-08-09 / fa7431e86c29b9359f93aee60fa0826f9253dcdd / /
LunarCommando_1.0.3.sit (475.45 KiB / 486.86 KB)
Lunar Commando v1.0.3 demo (1997) / compressed w/ Stuffit
12 / 2017-03-27 / 76ac5ea31d735aa1351fd68aac7e3243e8c91322 / /
Lunar_Commando_1.0.sit (514.75 KiB / 527.11 KB)
Lunar Commando v1.0 demo (1997) / compressed w/ Stuffit
3 / 2017-03-27 / e11e868eacc50b8320bfa7cc971d25ceb99383c2 / /


Motorola 68K

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.0 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K

At least 3.8MB of free RAM

Mac OS 7.x - Mac OS 9.2.2


Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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