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What is NS-Tower?

NS-Tower is an addictive vertical platform arcade game in which your character continuously walks forward until he hits a wall and then walks in the opposite direction.  The goal in NS-Tower is to climb up the endless tower by holding the spacebar on your keyboard for up to 1 second and releasing it to make your character jump by the amount of force you set by holding the spacebar key.  Watch out not to drop below the screen bottom, or you'll die.  NS-Tower also features conveyor belts, spring platforms and moving floors (left/right).

NS-Tower is the opposite of the other game by the same author: NS-Shaft.

See also the sequel by somebody else, which also supports network multiplayer: NetTower.


Download NS-Tower for Mac

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NS-Tower v2.5 / compressed w/ Stuffit
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Motorola 68K

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.0 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K

At least 1.5MB of free RAM

Mac OS 7.x - Mac OS 9.2.2

A monitor supporting 640x480 resolution and 256 colors mode (8-bits)


Emulating this? It could probably run under: Basilisk II

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