Universal Toolbox OS9 PPC & 68K [HOME MADE]

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What is Universal Toolbox OS9 PPC & 68K [HOME MADE]?

This is a software compilation CD image that includes, among thousands of files, a custom bootable Mac OS 9.0 disk image (DANISH) with Mac OS ROM 3.0 and some useful tools: TechTool 3, Norton Utilities 6, Hard Disk Toolkit 4.5 and DiskWarrior 2.1.  This software compilation CD image is not bootable by itself.

This compilation includes these loose apps:

 Expander 6
Add Alias to Apple Menu
Alert When Folder Changes
Apple Battery Reset 2.0.smi
AppleScript 1.4.3 US Update.smi
Cache-22 v1.2.1
Cache-22 v1.4.1 (level2-tester)
Change Monitor to 256
Change Monitor to B&W
Clockometer v1.7.2
DK-CarbonLib 1.3.1.smi
DVDExtractor 0.9b
Find Original from Alias
Hide/Show Folder Sizes
Indeo Video 3.smi
Indeo Video 4.smi
Indeo Video 5.smi
Microtek ScanSuite 1.03.2 Eng.
Norton Disk Doctor
PS-pdf printer driver 8.5.1.sea
RAMometer 1.0d4
Rename Rescue (1.0)
Replica 1.0
Script Editor
SCSI Info 1.0a3
Search & Rescue Installer
Share a Folder
Share a Folder (no Guest)
Slot Info 1.0a2
Speed Disk
Start File Sharing
Stop File Sharing
Synchronize Folders
System Info
TechTool Pro 3.0.5 Updater
TechTool  1.0.3
Virex Memory Expander 1.0
Windows Media 7 Installer
Windows Media Installer
Windows Media OS X Data
XMSC 2.6.1 Classic


It also includes all those archives:

   CPU Enhancer (get info).sit
 Hotline Client 1.2.3 PPC f.sit
 Surfers Serials 05.2002.sit
 Surfers Serials 06.2002.sit
 ZipIt 1.3.5.sit
2/3/4/6 GB Firmware Utilit..sit
32 bit f/ 68020+ processor.sit
4.0 AdobePS 8.5.1 INIT.sit
5xxx/6xxx Tester.sit
Acrobat Reader 4.0 install.sit
Acrobat  PDFWriter 3.0.sit
Acrobat  PDFWriter 4.0.sit
ACTION Files 1.1.sit
ACTION Menues f/ MacOS 8-9.sit
ACTION Menus 1.0 f install.sit
Adaptec DirectCD 2.0.sit
Adaptec Toast 4.0.5(update).sit
ADBManager 1.02.sit
Adobe Acrobat Reader 2.1 i..sit
Adobe Acrobat® Reader 4.05.sit
AE Test.sit
Aladdin Private File 2.0.sit
Appearance Instal f.sit
Apple Software Restore.sit
Apple-systemprofil DK 2.2.sit
AppleShare 3.6.5.sit
ArcMac 1.3b.sit
ASCII-lister 1.2 f.sit
Assimilator 1.1.sit
At Ease 3.0 Install.sit
ATI updaters/FinalCutPro ..sit
ATI Video SW Update 1.0.sm..sit
ATM 4.5 updt. -> 7.6.1-8.5.sit
ATM 4.5 updt. -> 8.5.1 - ..sit
ATM 4.5.1 Update.sit
ATM Deluxe 4.5 PPC.sit
ATM Deluxe 4.5.2 Update.sit
ATM® 4.6.2 light Installer.sit
ATM® Deluxe 4.6.1 Updater.sit
ATM  3.8.1 install.sit
Auto connect.sit
AutoBoot 1.6.5 f.sit
AutoLaunch Pro 1.0.9.sit
bbDEMUX 1.1.sit
BirthdayChecker 2.1.sit
BNDL Bundle 2.1 (OS7.x.x).sit
Bomb Shelter 1.0.1.sit
Boot Configs.sit
BootROM Updater.sit
Cache-22 v1.5.1.sit
CanOpener  4 Folder.sit
CarbonLib 1.0.4.smi.sit
Carracho 1.0b3.sit
CC 8.0.6 Update OS9.sit
CD Tracker PRO 2.51.sit
CD-ROM Multidriver.sit
CD/DVD Drive Setup 1.2.2.sit
CDFinder 2.6.sit
Checksum 1.3 folder.sit
ClipDragon .sit
Clockometer v2.0.1.sit
Comments about SCSIInfo 1.1.sit
Comments about SoftLock 1.5.sit
Conflict Catcher 8.0.5 Ins..sit
Conflict Catcher 8.0.5 Upd..sit
Conflict Catcher v9.0.sit
CptExpand 1.0.sit
CPU Doubler.sit
data-rescue 2.1.1.sit
DDExpand  4.1.sit
DeAL! 1.3.3 Folder.sit
Decode da Code 1.0.sit
DeskScan II.sit
Disk Charmer.sit
Disk Copy 6.1.2 (1997).sit
Disk Copy 6.3.sit
Disk Copy 6.5d66.sit
Disk Copy.sit
Disk Drive TuneUp 2.0 CD.i..sit
Disk First Aid.sit
Disk Recall 1.2.3.sit
DiskCopyV7.0 (1994).sit
DiskDoubler  INIT.sit
DiskDup+ 2.9 Folder(does h..sit
DiskGuard® 1.8.4.sit
DiskLock 4.6.1 f.sit
DiskRecover97  f.sit
DiskTracker 1.1.4.sit
DiskWarrior 2.1 Installer.sit
Display Name Registry 2.2.sit
Display Name Registry.sit
DK-CarbonLib 1.2.5.smi.sit
DK-CarbonLib 1.4.smi.sit
DK-iMac CD Update 2.0.smi.sit
DK-iMac Firmware Upd 1.2.s..sit
DK-iMac Update 1.1.smi.sit
DK-Modem Updater 1.3.5.smi.sit
DOCMaker 4.5.2 Updater.sit
DOCMaker 4.5.sit
Doublet Scan 3.2.2.sit
DoubleTalk  1.0.smi.sit
Drive Setup 1.8.1.sit
Drive Setup Guide.sit
Drive Setup.sit
DriveCD/NEC 5.31a.sit
Drop·BB f.sit
Drop·Blindfold .sit
Drop·Rename 3.5 f.sit
DVDExtractor 0.9b.sit
Easy KEYS.sit
Edit AS on OS 8.6.sit
eDOC 2.0 Installer.sit
eDOC Reader 1.2.sit
ePress 4.0.5.sit
ETC Init.sit
ExpressPro-Tools 2.3.2.sit
Fiery Printer.sit
FileFixer ToolKit 1.0 f.sit
FileFixer ToolKit 1.0.sit
FileGuard® 3.1.2.sit
FileMaker Pro demo.sit
FileT&C 2.1.0.sit
FileTyper 4.2.2 f.sit
Floppy Unlocker.sit
Folder protection.sit
FolderUpdater f (Reunion).sit
Font Box 2.6 (FAT).1.sit
for Disk- & FileGUard.sit
ForgotIt? 1.2 Folder.sit
Fortify-2.2.5/124bit Netsc..sit
FotoLook 2.05.sit
Foundations Of Mac Prog.img.sit
FreePPP 2.6.2 Installer.sit
Fresh Start Install .sit
FWB Hard disk Toolkit 4.0.sit
FWB Hard Disk Toolkit® 3.i..sit
FWB HDT 2.52 Updater.sit
FWB HDT  2.5 Folder.sit
G3 Firmware Update 1.1.smi.sit
Gear Installer 3.3.1.sit
GetInfo Extreme 1.0 f.sit
Greg's Browser 2.6.sit
HARDdisk security 1.0.1.sit
hexedit107 Folder.sit
HFS+ DST Timefix .sit
Hjælpefunktioner OS 8.5.1.sit
HQXer 1.1.0.sit
HyperCard 2.2.sit
HyperCard Player 2.4.sit
Ichiban Plug-ins.sit
Icon Extractor 1.3 Folder.sit
IconToPict 68k.sit
IconToPict PPC.sit
iMac Firmware 3.0 US.sit
iMac Firmware 3.0DK (OS 8..sit
iMac Firmware Update.sit
iMac Firmware Update.smi US.sit
iMac Tune Up to 533 MHz.sit
iMac Update 1.1.smi USB.sit
inMotion 1.0.1.sit
Install Que! Drive USB.sit
Installer Observer 2.3.sit
Intuos Mac 4.5.1B2 English.sit
Iomega FindIt/copyMachi up..sit
Iomega Installer.sit
Iomega Tools .sit
iPort 1.4.sit
ISOnoHFS2 Folder.sit
Kiosk 1.4b4.sit
List Files 2.6 FAT.sit
LoadAdrive Folder.sit
Look Mom, No Hands! 1.5.1.sit
Mac OS Purge .sit
Mac OS ROM Update 1.0.smi ..sit
mAC3dec 0.9.2.sit
MacBench® 5.0 Install PPC.sit
MacBinary II+ v. 1.0.2.sit
MacDater 1.4.1.sit
MacLink+ 12 + opdt.12.001 .sit
MacLinkPlus 11.001.sit
MacLinkPlus Deluxe 13.sit
MacPassword 3.93.sit
MacPGP2.6.2-Installation F..sit
MacRAR 2.5.1 stuff.sit
MacSattelite 1.6.1.sit
MacUnRAR 1.2 unstuff .sit
MacZip 1.03 final.sit
MagicBullets 2.0.1 folder.sit
MAXpowr G3 Control.sit
MAXpowr G3 v1.3.2 Installer.sit
mbn utilities.sit
MediaSizer 1.3.3 FAT.sit
Memory Mapper 1.5 .sit
Microtek scan aquire til PS.sit
Model Table Viewer 2.8.8.sit
mount everything-1.5.3.sit
MPEG2Decoder 1.4.sit
Myrmidon(doc->HTML chooser).sit
NameChum 2.1.0 FAT.sit
Namer FAT 1.3.sit
NetScan 1.0b1.sit
Network Software Selector.sit
NORTON 4.0.4.sit
NORTON 5.0.2.sit
Norton Shared Lib 5.02.sit
Norton Utilities 6 Install®.sit
Now Profile 6.0.sit
Now Util 6.7+update.sit
NVRAM Tool.sit
Okey Dokey Pro 2.02 Folder.sit
On Guard  3.2.sit
OneApp Clean Text 1.1.sit
Other Documentation.sit
PaperClip f.sit
Password Key 3.5 f.sit
PCIprober f.sit
PCM to AIFF 1.0.sit
PICT/TEXT to Clipboard.sit
PictMerge 2.0.sit
PlusDisk 1.0.sit
PlusMaker 1.0.1.sit
PlusMaker 1.02 Updt.sit
PlusMaximizer 1.0.sit
PlusOptimizer 1.1.sit
PopChar Pro V1.0.sit
PowerLED (1996).sit
PowerLogix G3 Cache control.sit
PowerPC Interrupt Extension.sit
PPP-ICQ1.0.0b2 Folder.sit
PRAM Auto-Restore.sit
PRAM Checker Installer.sit
Pram Doctor v1.0a5.sit
Pram Doctor.sit
PRAM Reader 1.2 Fat.sit
Print Shop Deluxe 1.0.sit
Print2Pict 3.6f.sit
PrintChef 2.50 + sn#.sit
PrinterSwitch 1.1.sit
PrintOne 1.0.2.sit
QT Mutator 1.0b1.sit
Quickeys 4.0.img.sit
QuickTime 3 pro install.sit
QuickTime 4.0.sit
QuickTime 4.1 PPC/G3.sit
Quicktime 4.1 Winfixer.sit
Quicktime 4.1.2.sit
RAM Charger Installer 8.1.sit
RAM Check.sit
RAM Disk Backup 2.1 f.sit
RAM Doubler 2.0.2.sit
RAM Doubler 2.x.x ->8 Updt.sit
RAM Doubler 8.0 img.sit
Ram Doubler 8.01 Updt.sit
RAM Doubler 9Manual.pdf.sit
RAM Doubler  9 Installer...sit
ramBunctious 1.5 f.sit
RAMEdit PPC v1.1 .sit
RAMometer v1.3.sit
ReadOnly Converter 1.0.1.sit
ResCompare 2.6 folder.sit
ResEdit 2.1.3.sit
ResEdit  3.0.sit
ResHelper 0.8 .sit
Resorcerer© 2.2.sit
Retrospect Install 1.sit
ROAM 1.0 - READ INFO!!!.sit
ScanMaker plug 2.04.sit
ScanMaker Plug-In 2.14.sit
ScanWizard 3.1.2 R2 (Micro..sit
Script Editor.sit
Script Tools 1.3.6.sit
SCSIProbe 5.1.1.sit
SCSIProbe 5.1.2.sit
SCSIShare install info.sit
SD  8 1.2. full (k) f.8.6.sit
Search & Rescue 1.0.1 .sit
SecurePass 2.01 Installer.sit
Seperator V1.00.sit
SerialSpeed 230 v1.4.sit
Set Startup 1.3.sit
ShadowKeys 1.0.sit
ShrinkWrap  3.5 f.sit
ShrinkWrap 3.5.1.sit
ShrinkWrap 3.5a7.sit
Shutdown Controller 2.ppc.sit
Silverlining Lite .sit
Sleeper 3.1.1 Installer.sit
Snapz Pro Installer 1.1.0.sit
SneakInCD 2.0.1.sit
SoftLock 1.5.sit
SoftwareFPU 3.0.7 f.sit
SoundExtractor 1.31.sit
Speed Doubler 2 final.sit
Speed Doubler 2.0.3 Update.sit
Speed Doubler  8 Updater 8..sit
Speed Doubler  8.1 Updt Re..sit
Speed Doubler  8.1.2 Updat..sit
Speed Doubler  8.image.sit
Star Gate 1.1.2.sit
Startup Doubler 1.2.1.sit
Startup Doubler 2.5.1.sit
Startup Lock 2.5 Installer.sit
Stuffit Deluxe 5.5.img.sit
Stuffit Deluxe6.sit
Stuffit Pleasure Enhancer.sit
SuperDisk ROM Update 1.0.sit
SuperLock4Pro Install.sit
Symbionts 2.8.5.sit
Synchronize! 3.5.6.sit
SyQuest Init.sit
SyQuest_Utilities-4.0.1 f.sit
System Disk.sit
System Login 1.1.0.sit
System Login.sit
System Picker 1.0b11.sit
TapGuard .sit
TattleTech 2.58f.sit
TattleTech 2.81b15e Folder.sit
Tech tool DNA019(for8.5).sit
TechToolPro 3.0.1.sit
TechTool® Pro 2.5.1.sit
Test Disc Access.sit
TextSpresso 1.9 PPC.sit
TheTypeBook 4.02.sit
Time Drive.sit
Toast Deluxe 4.0.img.sit
TomeViewer 1.2d4.sit
Toner Tuner  Secure.sit
TTP 253 Universal Updater.sit
Turbo ToolKit Installer f.sit
TypeIndexer (til alle HD f..sit
Ultra SCSIcard flash upd1...sit
UltraFind 2.5 f.sit
UltraFind 2.5.3.sit
USB Overdrive 1.3.sit
USB Prober 1.2f7.sit
USB Storage Support 1.3.5...sit
USBSuperDiskDriver V2.0a.sit
UULite2.0 UR.sit
VIREX v.3.0.img.sit
Virtual '030f.sit
Visibility 1.0.sit
VSE My Privacy 1.1.sit
WhoInstalled? 1.0.2.sit
XLR8 MACh Speed Control 1...sit
XLR8 MACh Speed Control.sit
XLR8 MACh Speed Extension.sit

Download Universal Toolbox OS9 PPC & 68K [HOME MADE] for Mac

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/ Toast image, zipped
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68K + PPC (FAT)

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.1 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Architecture: Varies (Some 68K, some PPC)

Mac OS requirements vary from software to software, but generally are in the System 7.1 to Mac OS 9.2.2 range.


Emulating this? It could probably run under: SheepShaver

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