The Lund Simula System Release 4.11, Freeware version for Macintosh/MPW

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What is The Lund Simula System Release 4.11, Freeware version for Macintosh/MPW?

The archive file contains a clean installation of MPW 3.3.1 and Lund Simula v. 4.11. Setup disks for MPW and for Lund Simula are not included.

Required software:

  • A text processor that can display the RTF format. The documents "MacSimula.Installation" and "MacSimula.notes" are stored in RTF. To avaoid the installation of a text processing program, you may prefer to move these two documents on a different computer and to read them there with your preferred text processor. A suitable text processor is iText, which can be found in this repository. To read the documents, it may be necessary to add the extension ".rtf" to their file names.  
  • The Apple MacIntosh HyperCard program to read the "Simula 4.11 Reference" Various versions of HyperCard can be found in this Macintosh Repository.

Note that the  Mac-Tool-box classes (they are mentioned in the "READ ME FIRST" file) are not provided in this archive file. I cannot tell you where you can obtain these classes. To my understanding, the lack of the tool box interface is a loss, but not a great one. The tool box interface was meant to use the MacIntosh GUI from within Simula programms.

Lund Simula v. 4.11 ist a full implementation of the Standard SS 63 61 14. To use the compiler, a basic knowledge of MPW is needed. There a plenty of old books about MPW available in the net, if you need one, look for "Programmer's Guide to MPW" at

A hint from the document "MacSimula.notes":

      For computers with a 68000 processor the data segment can not exceed 32 KBytes. This is the most severe restriction. It limits the size of the program to something between 4000 and 10000 lines of code. Executing the program on a 68020 processor this is not a problem

It is therefore recommended to use an emulated MacIntosh with either a 68020 or a 68030 processor.

Download The Lund Simula System Release 4.11, Freeware version for Macintosh/MPW

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System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.0 up to Mac OS 8.0

Compatibility notes

Emulating this? It could probably run under: Basilisk II

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