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What is Asimov Apple II Archive/Collection?

This is the largest Apple II compilation in the world, once maintained by Asimov for at least 2 decades and hosted for free on

Listed here is the 2016 edition, which includes 27529 mostly English files (but also lots of French, a few German, Italian, Finnish, Portuguese files) sorted in these categories:

  • Almost every single Apple II game ever made
  • A few Apple 1 programs
  • Apple 2GS software and games
  • Many Apple III programs
  • Disk utilities
  • Hardware drivers
  • Communication software
  • Educational software
  • Programming
  • Productivity
  • CP/M software
  • Demos
  • Magazine scans
  • Documentation PDF scans covering hardware, maintenance, programming, the Apple Lisa, Apple III, etc...

Since this archive is 221GB and the fact that MR is oriented towards the Macintosh primarily, this Apple II archive is hosted on ARCHIVE.ORG for now.


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