Buffalo LPC2-T PCMCIA 10BaseT Ethenet Card

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  • Buffalo LPC2-T 

What is Buffalo LPC2-T PCMCIA 10BaseT Ethenet Card?

Buffalo LPC2-T PCMCIA LAN Card 10BaseT. Mac Driver Version 1.0

Eventually this driver can work with other PCMCIA 10BaseT Cards which have the same chipset:

Linux recognise all this cards with one device driver: pcnet_cs

    4Lan EP100 Ethernet
    Accton EN2212, EN2216 EtherCard
    Accton SOHO BASIC EN220
    Actiontec FastNet PE200A
    Addtron Ethernet
    AIBrain EPCM-T
    Allied Telesis CentreCOM CE6001, LA-PCM, LA-PCM V2
    AmbiCom AMB8002, AMB8002T, AMB8010, AMB8610
    AnyCom ECO Ethernet
    Apollo RE450CT
    Archtek Ethernet
    Argosy EN210
    Ark Sky-Link Express PA2100
    Arowana RE 450 Ethernet
    Asante FriendlyNet    [ new cards seem to not work!! ]
    AST 1082 Ethernet
    Atelco ethernet
    Belkin F5D5020
    Billionton LNT-10TB, LNT-10TN, CFLA
    Buffalo LPC2-CLT, LPC3-CLT, LPC-CF-CLT
    CADMUS Micro LNT-10T2C
    California Access LAN Adapter
    CNet CN30BC, CN40BC Ethernet
    Compex/ReadyLINK Ethernet Combo
    Compex LinkPort Ethernet
    COMPU-SHACK BASEline Ethernet
    Connectware LANdingGear Adapter
    Corega Ether PCC-T, PCM-T, EtherII PCC-TD
    CyQ've ELA-010 10baseT
    Danpex EN-6200P2 Ethernet
    Datatrek NetCard
    Dayna Communications CommuniCard E
    Digital DEPCM-AA, PCP78-AC Ethernet
    Digital EtherWORKS Turbo Ethernet
    D-Link DE-650, DE-660, DE-660CT, DE-660+
    DynaLink L10C, L10BC Ethernet
    EagleTec ET-LE10BT, ET-LE10BT2
    Edimax Technology Ethernet Combo
    EFA InfoExpress 205, 207 Combo
    Eiger Labs EPX-ET10T2 Combo
    EP-210 Ethernet
    Epson Ethernet
    EtherPRIME Ethernet
    Explorer NE-10000 Ethernet
    EZLink 4109 Ethernet
    Fiberline FL-4680
    Gateway 2000 Ethernet
    Genius ME3000II Ethernet
    Grey Cell Ethernet
    GVC NIC-2000P Ethernet Combo
    Hawking PN650TX
    Hypertec HyperNet
    IBM CreditCard Ethernet Adapter
    IC-Card Ethernet
    Infotel IN650ct Ethernet
    iPort 10Mbps Ethernet
    Katron PE-520 Ethernet
    KingMax Technology EN10-T2 Ethernet
    Kingston KNE-PCM/M, KNE-PC2, KNE-PC2T, KNE-PC2BT
    Kingston CIO10T CF Ethernet
    KTI PE-520 Plus
    LANEED LD-CDW Ethernet
    LanPro EP4000A
    Lantech Ethernet
    Level One EPC-0100TB
    LinkPro TL-5200
    Linksys EtherCard, EC2T Combo, NP10T
    Logitec LPM-LN10T, LPM-LN10BA, LPM-LN20T Ethernet
    Longshine ShineNet LCS-8534TB Ethernet
    Macnica ME-1 Ethernet
    Macsense MPC-10 Ethernet
    Maxtech PCN2000 Ethernet
    Melco LPC-TJ, LPC-TS, LPC-T, LPC2-T
    Microdyne NE4200 Ethernet
    Micronet SP122, SP125
    NDC Instant-Link
    NEC PC-9801N-J12
    Network General "Sniffer"
    Network Everywhere NP10T
    New Media LanSurfer
    Novell/National NE4100 InfoMover
    OvisLink Ethernet
    Panasonic CF-VEL211P-B
    Planet SmartCOM 2000, 3500, ENW-3501-T, ENW-3502-T
    Planex ENW-3503-T
    Pretec Ethernet, CompactLAN Ethernet
    PreMax PE-200 Ethernet
    Proteon Ethernet
    Psion Gold Card Ethernet
    Relia RE2408T Ethernet
    Reliasys 2400A Ethernet
    RPTI EP400, EP401, 1625B Ethernet
    SCM Ethernet
    Sky Link Express
    Skymaster DPP216
    SMC 8022 EZCard-10, 8040TX
    Socket Communications EA LAN Adapter
    Socket Communications LP-E Ethernet
    Socket Communications LP-E CF+ Ethernet
    SOHOware ND5120-E Ethernet
    SuperSocket RE450T
    Surecom Ethernet
    SVEC PN605C
    Target 24007 Ethernet
    TDK LAK-CD031
    Thomas-Conrad Ethernet
    TRENDnet Ethernet
    Trust Ethernet Combo
    UNEX NexNIC MA010
    Vegas Technology Ethernet
    Volktek NPL-402CT Ethernet
    W-LINX LinxPRO Ethernet
    Xircom CompactCard CFE-10

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System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.6 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Emulating this? It could probably run under: SheepShaver

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