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What is ClockWerx?


page 2    Question:          What is the name of the wooden board to which the movement of a                                                     
                longcase clock is attached?

    Answer:            Seat board

page 3    Question:            What is a mechanism used to minimise escapement error as a
                mainspring unwinds?

    Answer:            Fusee

Page 4    Question:            What was the first form of clock controller used in verge-escapement

    Answer:            Foliot

Page 5    Question:            What is the name of the mechanism that electrically maintains a
                pendulum in oscillation?

    Answer:            Hipp-toggle

Page 6    Question:            What steel alloy used for pendulum rods has a near zero coefficient of

    Answer:            Invar

Page 7    Question:            What is the name of a form of pendulum in which the rod is a
                diamond-shaped frame?

    Answer:            Rhomboid

Page 9    Question:            What is the name of the knurled nut supporting the pendulum bob?

    Answer:            Rating nut

Page 10    Question:            What is the name of the device that is used to equalize the force of
                the mainspring over its period of run?

    Answer:            Stackfreed

Page 11    Question:            What is another name for a watch capable of sounding out the time at

    Answer:            Repeating work

Page 12    Question:            What is the name of the cylindrical brass box containing the mainspring
                of a clock?

    Answer:            Barrel

Page 14    Question:            What is the name of the cam that is used to determine the number of
                blows struck in a rack-striking work at the hour?

    Answer:            Snail

Page 15    Question:            What is the name of the arm acting as a click for the rack in rack-
                striking clocks?

    Answer:            Rack hook

Page 16    Question:            What is the name of the nib at the end of the anchor or lever arms acted
                upon by the escapement wheel?

    Answer:            Pallet

Page 17    Question:            What is the name of the depression surrounding a pivot hole?

    Answer:            Oil sink

Page 18    Question:            What is the name of the teeth on the smaller driven members in clock
                gear trains?

    Answer:            Pinion leaves

Page 19    Question:            What is the name of the type of wheel found in platform-escapement
                carriage clocks which drives the escape pinion?

    Answer:            Contrate

Page 20    Question:            What is the sound of a clock striking the quarters on two differently
                pitched bells or gongs?

    Answer:            Ting-tang

Page 21    Question:            What is the name of the bearing in which a pivot runs?

    Answer:            Pivot hole

Page 22    Question:            What is the name of the train of wheels in a clock that provides a 12 to
                1 reduction between the minute and hour hands?

    Answer:            Motion work    

Page 23    Question:            What is the name of the cam in an equation clock used for indicating
                solar time?

    Answer:            Kidney piece


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