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What is Sid Meier's Civilization?

Sid Meier's Civilization was created in 1991 by Sir Meier and immediately picked up interest from the old school gaming community.  The Civilization franchise grew big and popular through out the first decade and was then edited by Infogrammes among other companies.  25 years after the first version came out, people are still playing this true turned-based, realistic, strategy game classic of the computer era and new versions are still coming out.  It's worth noting that the Macintosh version of Civilization featured better graphics and sound than the DOS version at the time.

Sid Meier's Civilization objective is to dominate the Earth by building cities, armies and dealing with barbarian tribes, pollution, revolution, budget, etc... and ultimately at the very end of the game: to build and launch a spaceship in hope of populating another planet.  Just surviving other nations is a big challenge in and out of itself.  The game starts in the year 4000BC and very slowly, technologies are discovered, you will discover the alphabet, the mathematics, the wheel, iron working, etc... then the pace will pick up and other tribes will build armies and declare war to each other.  You can try and make deals with other tribes by bribing them or negociating war allies or friendship treaties with them.  Starting a Civilization game means you'll be stuck in front of your computer for at least 2 hours playing it!

The aim of the game is to take a tribe, settle them, and try to create a civilization. Along the way you develop new sciences, meet other tribes (some warlike, some not), and visit new continents, all for the aim of trying to get into space, and/or to be the dominant civilization. - Civilization FAQ


About the files:

  • Download #1 contains:
    • Disk Copy v6.3.3 disk images (4) of the original install disks
    • The CivHackPMac extension to allow it to run on PowerMacs
    • The official 1.0.6 - 1.1 updater (CompactPro or StuffIt).
    • The official 1.1 - 1.1.2 updater.
  • Download #2 contains the game + full documentation.

Download Sid Meier's Civilization for Mac (10.3 MiB / 10.8 MB)
Original game + documentation / Zipped
672 / 2014-04-14 / 2016-02-14 / 14a64434bcb38ad311b99aa566f2296fe2380f8a / /
Civilization.sit (4.94 MiB / 5.18 MB)
CivHack for PowerMacs + 4 floppies disk images + updaters / compressed w/ Stuffit
143 / 2014-04-14 / 2016-02-14 / 287ac68c9a48f39cbf4ff4d77ba542829b17b425 / / (116.48 MiB / 122.14 MB)
/ Zipped
14 / 2016-08-15 / fa28f461be6e268b56db941090525d018d95d984 / /
Civilization_with_Extra.sit (5.53 MiB / 5.8 MB)
Original game, Patched games , CivHack for PowerMacs, Cheaters All together in once .sit file (no disk images to mess around with) / compressed w/ Stuffit
171 / 2017-04-21 / d337c0f1153c6c78490f86f357b4482304ceeb30 / /
Civilization_no_img.sit (4.8 MiB / 5.04 MB)
/ compressed w/ Stuffit
12 / 2016-08-15 / 32e11201d8ac314f3edb160684045d19ee444770 / / (657.15 KiB / 672.92 KB)
/ Zipped
8 / 2019-01-29 / 55cad28e177ba5b43abe914a20153499537e3227 / /


Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K

System 6.0.7 - Mac OS 9.2.2

At least 4MB of RAM

At least 6MB of hard disk space

Those that have problems starting this game on newer PowerPC systems. Download CivHack

Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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