TOPS 2.0 + TOPS Terminal TCP/IP

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What is TOPS 2.0 + TOPS Terminal TCP/IP?

From Wikipedia:

TOPS (Transcendental OPerating System) is a peer-to-peer LAN-based file sharing system best known in its Macintosh implementation, but also available for DOS and able to interoperate with Unix's NFS. Originally written by Centram Systems West, the company was purchased by Sun Microsystems as part of Sun's development of the NFS ecosystem. The Centram company was renamed to TOPS after its acquisition by Sun. Sales of TOPS dried up after the introduction of System 7, which featured a similar file sharing system built-in, and Sun spun off their NFS developments to Sitka.

After the Sun purchase in April 1987, TOPS was given the problem of making a client that could also access Sun file shares using NFS. Centram solved this problem by porting their file sharing protocol to TCP/IP. This was not trivial; neither Mac OS nor Windows supported TCP/IP "out of the box", so what was now the TOPS Division of Sun had to write a complete IP stack for the Mac and Windows. Centram had already written such a stack for their "TOPS Terminal", a freeware (but not open source) Telnet terminal for the Mac.


Note that TOPS TCP/IP is what looks like the first implementation of TCP/IP for Macintosh and was also the only one to work on as old as a Mac 512K running System 4.1.  On newer Macs such as the Mac Plus under System 6, there was a more elaborate TCP/IP stack made by Apple named MacTCP.  System 7 came with a standard TCP/IP control panel made by Apple which rendered all of the previous solutions obsolete, but for Mac 512K users, TOPS was the only TCP/IP solution.


Download TOPS 2.0 + TOPS Terminal TCP/IP for Mac

(435.37 KiB / 445.82 KB)
TOPS v2.0 installer on 800KB floppy disk image / BinHex'd, use Stuffit Expander
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(725.49 KiB / 742.9 KB)
TOPS Terminal + TCP/IP control panel + Manual / compressed w/ Stuffit
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Motorola 68K

System Requirements

From Mac OS 4.1 up to Mac OS 6.0

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K

Mac OS 4.1 - Mac OS 6.0.8

Note: TOPS TCP/IP is only useful under System 4.1 or 5.0, since System 6 supports MacTCP.

Minumum Requirements

  • Macintosh 512K
  • TOPS TeleConnector or AppleTalk-Compatible DIN-8 or DB-9 connector
  • System 3.2 and Finder 5.3

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