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What is Home Design?

Thinking of redoing your home interiors or designing a summer home? If the cost of calling in an interior consultant is not in your budget, call on Home Design.

Home Design is a planning tool that consists of three art disks equipped with everything needed to lay out a design plan for any given room, from scale models of furnishings to accessories and appliances. Home Design's manual neatly holds an index of all the images available on all three disks for easy reference, saving your having to search through all disks for what you want. Also included is a pamphlet that walks the user through a sample construction session.

Home Design follows the Mac interface nicely, which makes it not only easy for professionals to use, but delightful for amateurs. It is made up of MacPaint files, but can be used with MacDraw if the Art Grabber desk accessory is installed to access the Home Design flies. Art Grabber facilitates and speeds the moving of items from the Home Design disk and a copy of the Art Grabber installer is provided.

A layout grid in feet-and-inches or metric scale helps to plan rooms. Room layouts come to life in a three-dimensional plan. Everything from walls to floors and furnishings go into this grid to help in visualizing what the room will look like.

After selecting the grid, the art files will be opened from within Art Grabber. Open any art file and choose any part using the selection box, then copy or "grab" it onto the Clipboard and close the Grabber window. Paste your choice on the grid and place it by dragging it to where you want it. The Paint files provide items ranging from kitchen appliances to accessories, and a choice of motif ranges from Early American to Modern.

After a room is designed and everything is where it should be, paint the room with the Paint Bucket to get an idea of how it will look with patterns. If wallpaper is what you like, you can even fill in the walls with a pattern. An external drive is recommended because of the number of disks being used. Because the Art Grabber desk accessory is being used, the grid remains on-screen white the use and switching of the other two disks is in progress without having to dose and open both documents. All the art images' shapes, lines etc, can be edited by using MacPaint techniques.

Now that the design plans are laid out and fully detailed, and your dream home seems possible, don't forget it’s only on your computer—now it s time to carry out those designs in the real rooms.

Genovese, Daisy. (June 1986). Home Design. MacUser. (pg. 38).

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