Will We Miss Them? Endangered Species

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What is Will We Miss Them? Endangered Species?

Will We Miss Them? Endangered Species (Laser Resources Inc. – ages 3-12) has a noble purpose: to focus children’s attention and interest on 13 endangered species like the Bald Eagle, the Blue Whale, and the Mountain Gorilla. Billed as “an interactive, educational, and fun CD-ROM,” it’s based on a book published by Charlesbridge Publishing which, according to the press release, was written by an eleven year-old. It is educational; what it’s not is interactive. The text is very good, the illustrations are attractive, and the animal sounds are vivid, but there is no integration between any of these elements. To see a brief animation, click on the “Animations” button at the bottom of the screen; to hear sounds, click on the “Sounds” button. There are no clickable hotspots (standard fare in kids’ programs), nor are there any hypertext or links, although there is a section which provides additional information about the animals. Besides the book, you get a very limited coloring book, two screens to paint, and a few puzzles. The only extra that shows any imagination is the inclusion of an “Adopt a whale” form for kids to fill out and send in. Of course, you don’t need a CD-ROM to do that.

 - (OldCDReviews.com)

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