Twitter WDT for PPC OSX

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What is Twitter WDT for PPC OSX?

Twitter WDT is an Applescript (PowerPC OSX 10.4) Twitter client based on Steven Frank's ( WebDesktop.  Since Twitter's new API came out this year, it has been very difficult to find a non-browser based way to use the popular social networking app, and while the good folks at have been working on it, there is no current background client to handle the job.  

So Twitter WDT uses WebDesktop to log you into Twitter and create a wallpaper on your desktop that is actually a Webkit browser, sitting behind all of your other applications and icons.  It updates, by default, every 5 minutes and will not take control if you interact with the desktop.  To Tweet/Reply, hold COMMAND and click TAB until WebDesktop is selected and then the application will respond to direct clicks like a normal web-page.  To go back to normal desktop mode, just click on another window or COMMAND-TAB back to Finder or another app, and it will continue as before - visible and updating in the background.  

On its own WebDesktop has only very simple controls and is not able to remember bookmarks or passwords so Twitter WDT, acts as a launcher that opens WebDesktop, launches and inputs both your username/email and password.  

• To Open, just double-click on Twitter WDT.

• To Close, double-click on Twitter WDT a second time.

• To adjust refresh rate: click on Preferences, in WebDesktop.  It defaults to 5-minutes, and can be set as low as 1, but this can be inconvenient if a refresh occurs while you are refining your inspirational thoughts down to 140 characters!  I recommend 5 or 10 minutes ideally.  Also, if you are following a lot of people, and have refresh set to 1-minute, there is also a danger that Twitter might reset your connection as the new API has a bandwidth cutoff if too many tweets pass to you in a given time.


Download Twitter WDT for PPC OSX for Mac

twitter_wdt.dmg (133.38 KB)
Twitter WDT for PPC OSX
39 / 2014-04-14 / 2017-04-29 / 1d0fc3fc278188ff6366e6c4188e291bcc6d5e0a

Compatibility notes

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS X 10.4



Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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