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What is TakeNote!?

TakeNote! v.1 is an academic note-taker, reference manager, and outliner intended for use in research and writing in University and similar environments. The word processing features are cut-down (e.g., no spell-check), but the outlining function, which is done by dragging cards into an hierarchical structure, is rather elegant, and the resulting structured document integrates well with a word processor for final processing through RTF export (and HTML, interestingly). The software allows for a split view between, e.g., individual cards and the full outline which is built from those cards, or between cards and bibliographical references (a handful of styles are included, including Chicago/ Turabian full note).

The compressed folder was taken from a IIsi, and appears to be the complete installation; screenshots were taken on a Mono "Apple High Resolution Display" -- which is what I had on the IIsi at the time.

I do not have the installer, so this is presumably 68k code through and through. The registration number copied from the splash screen is included.

I have not seen this software elsewhere, but find record of it having gone to a v.2 later in the 90s. I wish I'd had it back in my day.

Download TakeNote! for Mac

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TakeNote! v1.0.0 (1994) / compressed w/ Stuffit
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Motorola 68K

System Requirements

From Mac OS 6.0 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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