The Tick: The Tick vs. the Uncommon Cold

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What is The Tick: The Tick vs. the Uncommon Cold?

OK, the Fox network’s cartoon crime fighter, the Tick, takes to the even smaller screen in this CD-ROM version of the Saturday morning show that pits the superhero gainst a tough cold as well as a snotty alien bent on (you guessed it), world domination.

The Tick’s hilarious phlegm-soaked battle is spewed over 100 frames in 20 interactive screens. Although every panel is a talkie, some also show QuickTime movies or simple animations. Click through each panel manually, or set the computer to run through the comic book on autopilot.

The content is unbeatable, especially for the price, but the low-budget production invites a few strange quirks. It’s unclear why programmers chose to make animated movies out of certain frames and not others. It’s also hard to distinguish when a video clip is finished or only resting.

Passive parties may want to tuck away their cash and catch the cartoon on Comedy Central while Inverse Ink irons these rough spots. True Tick fans, however, won’t want to wait.

Mahr, Joe. (April 1997). CD-ROMs. MacAddict. (pg. 78).

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