macintosh.js (Basilisk II for dummies)

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  • macintosh.js running Oregon Trail under Mac OS 8 

What is macintosh.js (Basilisk II for dummies)?

macintosh.js is a new implementation of Basilisk II in Javascript made by Felix Rieseberg, based on BasiliskII.js, a port by James Friend.  For now, macintosh.js has an advantage over other the few 68K color Mac emulators.  It's that it's extremely simple to use for dummies.  Just double click an app and boom, you're in Mac OS 8.

Try out BasiliskII.js in your browser right here which macintosh.js is based of.

See felixrieseberg's GitHub page


Download macintosh.js (Basilisk II for dummies) for Mac (248.4 MiB / 260.47 MB)
macintosh.js v1.0.6 for Mac OS X / Zipped
42 / 2020-08-04 / a2a05de8ee0d99317ce14b1d9a35726c57b48a64 / / (247.34 MiB / 259.35 MB)
macintosh.js v1.0.6 for Windows / Zipped
28 / 2020-08-04 / 687c21e74696b7b9f55d17a808d5639d02b816ac / /


Intel x86-64

Compatibility notes

Architecture: Intel x64

For Windows and Intel Mac OS X


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