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What is HeapFixer?

Welcome to HeapFixerª.

Unreliable operation of your Macintosh or unexplained crashes are common symptoms of System Heap size problems.  HereÕs how to check for and solve the problem.

Start up your computer.  At the Finder, select ÒAbout the FinderÓ from the Apple menu.  A memory usage bar chart will be displayed.  Look at the bar labeled ÒSystemÓ.  A number will also be displayed to the left of the barÑ write down this number, you will need it when using HeapFixerª.  The darker part of the bar indicates memory used;  the lighter part of the bar indicates free memory.  If there is less than 25% free space indicated for the ÒSystemÓ, you may occasionally have problems.  

The HeapFixer program can be used for adjusting the area of memory, called the ÒSystem HeapÓ, where Fonts, Desk Accessories, Control Panel devices and ÒINITÓ software such as our QuickINIT and QM Server files load.  Because of the increasing number of ÒINITÓ files in use on the Macintosh, shortages in the ÒSystem HeapÓ are becoming more frequent. 

Download HeapFixer for Mac

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Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Emulating this? It could probably run under: Mini vMac

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