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What is DropTextPrinter 1.4?

DropTextPrinter is an easy-to-use drag & drop text file printing utility. It can be used like the Desktop Printer for System 7.5.  However, unlike the Desktop Printer, you can set various optional settings to get a beautiful printout.  DropTextPrinter has the following features:

• You can set various optional settings in advance for printing such as border type, border width, margin, adding line number, two up mode, text font, font size, font style, wrap mode, header string, footer string, etc.

• DropTextPrinter can detect and use the different font for HTML TAGs and C/C++/JAVA language source code comments.

• DropTextPrinter can handle text files for Macintosh, MD-DOS and UNIX platform. It automatically detects the file type and handle CR/LF codes correctly. Of course, DropTextPrinter can handle text file larger than 32K.

• Two-Up printing mode works differently from the two-up mode with the recent version of LaserWriter drivers. DropTextPrinter’s two-up mode places some space area between left page and right page so that you can easily fold and staple the letter size print-out to make a half size booklet. Of course, you can also use two-up mode by the LaserWriter driver if your printer and driver support it.

• DropTextPrinter supports the Even/Odd pages only print mode for those who want to create double side print-out with a printer which does not support double side printing. 


• DropTextPrinter can handle Japanese Kanji text file. Version 1.1 supports Shift-JIS , EUC, JIS kanji code. (Does not support Hankaku Katakana) Since Macintosh uses Shift-JIS code for the Kanji text, DropTextPrinter automatically converts JIS and EUC codes in the dropped file to Shift-JIS codes before printing.  No more kanji convert before printing!

• You can drag&drop not only text files but also folders which contain text files you want to print. If a folder is droped, DropTextPrinter print all the text files in the folder. If there are some non-text files in the folder (i.e. binary data, program files), DropTextPrinter displays the warning message and just skip the file.

• Print Clipboard feature makes it possible to print a part of the document that is opened by other software such as E-mailer, word processor, text editor, etc. The DropTextPrint read the text data in the clipboard, covert CR/LF code if neccesary, and print it.

• DropTextPrinter stores all the optional setting into its own resource fork. So, you can make multiple copies of this program and place on the desktop with different names like ‘Normal Text Printer’ and ‘Source Code Printer’ and select the different optional settings based on their purpose and use them case by case.

Download DropTextPrinter 1.4 for Mac

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68K + PPC (FAT)

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.5

Compatibility notes

Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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