Mac OS 8/8.1 Desktop Patterns (Pre 8.5)

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What is Mac OS 8/8.1 Desktop Patterns (Pre 8.5)?

Patterns I took from the Desktop Patterns control panel from Mac OS 8.1. These are different from the more widely shared patterns from OS 8/9 (which as far as I can tell were not introduced until Mac OS 8.5) and seem to be harder to find, so I'm uploading them here.

These were copied from the control panel to a scrapbook, and then Graphic Converter was used to extract the resources from the scrapbook file, after which they were resaved as PNG files. Note: The resources were imported in G.C. as 32-bit PICT files (because without that option checked I had issues with color palettes). As a result, these files collectively take up a lot more space than they originally did, although these days it's really a non-issue.

Download Mac OS 8/8.1 Desktop Patterns (Pre 8.5)

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System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.0 up to Mac OS 13.4

Compatibility notes

Just a .sit file with PNG files inside. Usable on any OS where you can set the desktop background as a PNG image.

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