Blank Board Serializer

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What is Blank Board Serializer?

Blank Board Serializer (BBS) is an Apple tool to set the System Serial Number (SSN) on a BLANK Mac Logic Board. It is typically used by Apple and it's Service Partners.

Blank means that the SSN has never been set (such as on a new Logic Board) or somehow lost.

The DMG is a bootable "OS" that you either burn on a CD or more typically, "restore" to a USB drive and boot off that drive.

BBS does NOT allow you to change an SSN but only enter a new one to a blank board.

Once the SSN has been written, it CANNOT be changed or deleted. This is a ONE TIME write process. 

Use at your own risk.


The original version posted here (BlankBoardSerializer_v3T106693-6430.dmg) works on older Mac's before 2012 but it does not boot on 2013 and later models.

The second version (MBPr-2013-BBS.dmg) is contains BBS V1.1 063-7137-A which has been based on the Apple Service Diagnostic (ASD) EFI boot disk for Macbook Pro retina (MBPr) Late 2013 model. That is, ASD App has been replaced by the BBS App to allow the disk to boot on the later models. This version has been tested on MBPr Late 2013 models and should boot on other later models.

Download Blank Board Serializer for Mac

BlankBoardSerializer_v3T106693-6430.dmg (10.75 MiB / 11.28 MB)
/ DMG image
1300 / 2017-11-26 / eb3c372474b56fc88439ae4c9ac7756f1fdd6c97 / /
MBPr-2013-BBS.dmg (19.09 MiB / 20.02 MB)
BBS version that actually boots on MBPr Late 2013 models / DMG image
167 / 2020-08-26 / 2020-08-26 / 02e4dbe862a2b3f2d77e20080c9b830fa5c663c2 / 063-7137-A / /
BlankBoardSerializer_11_063-7137.dmg (10.55 MiB / 11.06 MB)
/ DMG image
12 / 2018-09-14 / 166b3ae58253ac80f784bd5b588803cfc913698d / /
BlankBoardSerializer_113T106.dmg (10.76 MiB / 11.28 MB)
/ DMG image
10 / 2018-09-14 / 823df216795dfb82176988a9e1e560bc8e9d8e8b / /


Universal Binary

Compatibility notes

BlankBoardSerializer_v3T106693-6430.dmg for older Mac's before 2012.

MBPr-2013-BBS.dmg for MBPr Late 2013 and newer.

Emulating this? It should run fine under: QEMU

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