DeskMates 1.3.3

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What is DeskMates 1.3.3?

DeskMates is a shareware program containing: 1. An analog clock:      Showing hour, minute and second sweep hands, clicking on the face changes the clock picture, resizable, works in the background so can be left on your desktop, optional digital display, optional country times (for over 100 countries) and correction for summer time. If you are familiar with ResEdit then you can add your own clockfaces over and above the provided ones (if you have some really good ones, you can even send them to me). Note that the second hand will appear to run slowly and irregularly in two situations, when a PowerBook is doing nothing else and its CPU slows itself down, and when you are doing intensive calculations (DeskMates is always the last to get idle time!). This will work on any depth screen, though you will have to set the memory partition to >660K if you want to run a full color clock picture with 24-bit color. 2. A notebook:       A text editor limited to 32,000 characters, with full search, find and replace (including grep) functionality, and able to open any text file from within the application. It supports multiple windows (ie notebooks) and multiple text styles, word wrap and a useful change case/carriage returns facility. 3. A stopwatch:       A stopwatch able to run in the back or foreground, with 3 timers, which can be custom labelled separately, able to record split times, and able to be restarted by clicking on their displays or command key equivalents, and 15 alarms which can optionally display reminder text at prespecified times, and record to a maximum time of over 16 hours. All three timers can be started together or separately. The alarms will sound once or continuously until switched off. 4. A calculator:       Containing simple and more complex mathematical formulae including reciprocals, roots, squares, powers, logarithms to base 2, e, 10, percentages, factorials combinations and permutations, hyperbolic and trigonometric functions (using degrees or radians), and financial functions. Has pretty full error trapping (to the limits of my testing). A feature is the ability to continuously record the computations (in the NoteBook window, like a calculator tape). Amortization and programmer’s calculators are included. 5. A calendar:       Click on the month and year titles to set to any month or year. Click on the current date and time at the bottom to reset to the current date. Click on the first day of the week title to change the day to start the week. The Scheduler links in to this, with days where existing daily entries have been added showing up in bold type and color. The selected day’s day & week number in the year are shown. 6. A scheduler       This is integrated into the calendar, and allows storage of specific activities for any day on the calendar, and quick find ability. You can also store templates for any day of the week, and view multiple days’ schedules in a notebook window (or export them to a text file). If you select text in the scheduler, you can easily set an Alarm Clock reminder for the selected line by clicking on the small alarm clock icon at the bottom of the calendar. Multiple styles, fonts, sizes and colors are supported for the scheduler as a whole. You can save multiple schedule files (even across a network) and set any one as your default for startup (using the Preferences menu item). Some users have made this into a journal for their personal memoirs! 7. Alarm clock:       This is an alarm scheduler. It will also work in the background, and will put a small alarm clock in place of the Apple menu icon (System 6) or the Applications menu icon at top right (System 7) after sounding a beep. When you bring DeskMates back to the foreground, a dialog will tell you what alarm you have set. This supports multiple alarms (approx. 500 at present, though you may have to increase the memory partition to have this many!), each with premonitory timing and recurrent alarms settings (even several years later if desired). When the alarm sounds, you can elect to postpone it (over minutes to weeks). This version will not wake sleeping PowerBooks because of predictable unrecoverable crashes (all models except Duo's and 100's). This is a problem with Apple’s ROM routines not DeskMates' code. I’m also annoyed, since I wrote it to wake up my PowerBook 140 (and then discovered the bug)! You can also save multiple alarm files, even across a network, and have these set as the default at startup. 8. Date Pad:        Current date, day and month is shown in a small window. This can be moved around (pretty exciting huh!)… 9. Address Book:        This is now fully functional. It will accept address details you type in, allow you to find them quickly, export to clipboard, notebook or a specified text file, allow sorting and infinite formats for export. You can also save an address book outside the system folder, and set any address book as the default at startup (even over a network). Addresses can be found by popup menus based on the alphabet. 10. On-line help system/customization:       A fully integrated on-line help system (and hence DeskMates does not need a manual). Note that the positions and sizes of these tools can be set by the Preferences menu item under the File menu. You can set which tool windows will open at startup.

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68K + PPC (FAT)

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.0

Compatibility notes

Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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