Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 Cross-Development Edition for Macintosh

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What is Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 Cross-Development Edition for Macintosh?

Learn one tool set, increase your user base, and knock months off your development time. With this Visual C++ add-on toolset, you can use up to 90 percent of the code from your Windows-based application to create the same application for the Macintosh, with the familiar Macintosh interface. 


  • Port Windows-based features easily to the Macintosh, including multiple document interface, print preview, and floating toolbars. 
  • True native Macintosh programming—program directly to the System 7 API to take advantage of unique Macintosh features such as Publish and Subscribe. 
  • Recompile for the Macintosh—target both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems using just one set of source code written to Microsoft Foundation Classes and the Microsoft Win32 APL
  • Power Macintosh support, including a fully optimizing compiler, an integrated debugger that adapts to the PowerPC chip when displaying information in the register contents, and disassembly windows. 
  • Code Fragment support for the Power Macintosh, which translates to better code sharing among applications and faster, trimmer applications.
  • OLE support—port your Win32 and MFC OLE applications to the Macintosh using OLE for the Macintosh version 2.06. 
  • ODBC support—call ODBC directly or use it through the appropriate MFC classes.

Apple Computer, Inc. (April 1996). Apple Developer Catalog. (pg. 15). Cupertino, CA.

Download Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 Cross-Development Edition for Macintosh

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68K + PPC (FAT)

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.5 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

  • Mac OS 7.5 and later 
  • 16 MB or RAM 
  • 240 MB of hard disk space 
  • TCP/IP or AppleTalk 
  • CD-ROM drive

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