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What is ARDI Executor?

ARDI Executor was a very rough 68K Mac emulator capable of running most of the System 6 and some System 7 software in the early 90's.  Executor does not require a ROM file and does not even boot a real Mac OS System Folder at all, unlike other 68K emulators (e.g. Mini vMac).  Instead, it has its own custom, limited OS which is very, very roughly trying to mimick System 7.  It lacks control panels, the menu bar at the top is different and a lot of the functionality in general is not present, such the Apple menu in the top/left corner and even the basic Finder's GET INFO window is not available either.  As a counterpart, it has a very handy host system file sharing interface and a very fast/fluid interface.  Executor is basically only a shell for running 68K applications that does not rely on any of Apple's intellectual property.

Executor is an abandoned project and it was made open source in 2008.  Register the program using the serial "99991004" and the Authentication Key "n9rk57f369byp".


Download ARDI Executor

(2.6 MiB / 2.72 MB)
ARDI Executor v2.1pr16 (2009) Setup for Windows / Zipped
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Intel x86-64

Compatibility notes

For Windows

Note: Executor has a lot of trouble running software installers, so it is advised to pre-install software on another emulator and then transfer it in Executor in order to run it.


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