Process Manager 1.6

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What is Process Manager 1.6?

Process Manager is a control strip module that allows you to view and switch with ease between your Mac's processes (running programs).  It works with Control Strip and is Extensions Strip Savvy.

Download Process Manager 1.6 for Mac

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68K + PPC (FAT)

Compatibility notes

Process Manager was designed to take advantage of the powerful features of Extensions Strip while retaining backward compatibility with Control Strip.  Extensions Strip was originally written to overcome various technical limitations in the Control Strip API.  So if you use Extensions Strip as your module host, you can do the following things:  

- Have hot keys.  
- Display large icons.  
- Display icons vertically.  
- Automatically update the length/height of the strip.  
- Drag a process icon outside of the strip to create an alias to it somewhere (Control Strip prevents this when the Finder is in front).  
- Display an open/save dialog.  
- Send Apple Events from within non-Apple Event aware programs.  
- Display Balloon help from clicking.  (Process Manager does this when you SHIFT-click on an icon.  For some reason Control Strip fails to display the balloon.)  
- Resolve remote aliases intelligently.  
- If you click on a process icon while the CPU is busy, and then move the mouse away, Process Manager remembers where the mouse click was.  The same holds true for clicks with modifier keys held down (PM always remembers what key was down if it was later released.)

Emulating this? It could probably run under: SheepShaver

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