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What is Connectix CopyAgent?

You’re all backing up your important files on a regular basis, right? This handy utility streamlines file backup with three very useful enhancements for merging and synchronizing folders.

Backing up often requires replacing a target folder on your backup media with an identically named source folder. CopyAgent offers three new choices: SmartReplace replaces the target faster than Finder because it doesn’t copy identical files. SmartMerge makes sure the target folder contains all files from both the source and the target. And if you maintain a pair of matching folders, SmartSynchronize copies files both ways. Use them with CopyScheduler for unattended backups.

CopyAgent also includes a few features unrelated to copying. TurboKeys lets you trigger every menu item In every application with command-key equivalents. Eraser Agent securely deletes files, autodeletes locked files, and lets you selectively delete files before emptying the Trash. We remain skeptical of FastFile Erase, however. Even with hundreds of files involved, we saw no speed improvement over normal Trash emptying. And though FastFile Erase lets you empty the Trash in the background, all recent versions of the Mac OS already have that feature. Also, Network Copy didn’t noticeably speed up our network copying.

Despite a couple of overhyped features, CopyAgent’s file-copying enhancements are so useful that the Mac OS should include them to encourage good backup habits.

Holmes, Joseph O. (November 2000). CopyAgent. MacAddict. (pg. 62).

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System Requirements

From Mac OS 8.5

Compatibility notes

Emulating this? It could probably run under: SheepShaver

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