MUDDweller 1.2

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What is MUDDweller 1.2?

Pulled from here:

MUDDweller 1.2 is a free MU* client written by O. Maquelin. Its main advantage over Telnet is that it provides separate windows for input (what you type on the MOO) and output (what other people type and messages generated by the MOO), thus preventing output from appearing in the midst of what you are in the process of typing. It also allows you to change the display font and size.

Download MUDDweller 1.2 for Mac

MUDDweller1.2-folder.sit (116.9 KiB / 119.7 KB)
/ compressed w/ Stuffit
16 / 2019-04-11 / 602223ac84eef8eed6f7e7d63158e7abfa690ede / /


Motorola 68K

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.0 up to Mac OS 9.0

Compatibility notes

I compressed this using Basilik(OS8) and Stuffit 4.0.2 - It will uncompress on vintage Macs running System 7 and Stuffit 4.0.2

Tested and working on a Macintosh SE(4MB) with Asante MacCon Ethernet Card, Mac TCP, running OS7.1

Tip: Most modern MUDs use URL's to connect- I tested this with a current (2019) active MUD "Cybersphere" by taking the URL and using an IP/WHOIS lookup.  Using that IP address and the required port, I was able to connect and play.

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