Workshop 3.0 + updates

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What is Workshop 3.0 + updates?

The Workshop contains a collection of tools for preparing and running programs. These tools allow you to

  • Configure the Lisa and set system defaults.
  • Write, compile or assemble, link, and run programs.
  • Debug programs that run under the Lisa Operating System. 
  • Create and run files of Workshop and program commands using a high-level exec language. 
  • Initialize, list, copy, rename, delete, compare, search, cross-referance, and otherwise view and modify files, catalogs, and volumes. 
  • Transfer data between the Lisa and a remote computer. 

The Workshop lets you develop Macintosh programs on the Lisa. You can also transfer files between Lisa and Macintosh by running the MacCom utility program. With MacWorks, you can even run Macintosh progrems on the Lisa. Several programming languages are available, including 68000 assembly language, Pascal, BASIC, C, and others. 

The Workshop tools run under the Lisa Opereting System (OS). The OS enables programs to do file handling, process management, and memary management; it provides some facilities for which there are no parallels in the Workshop ...

Apple Computer, Inc. (1984). Lisa Workshop Users Guide. (620-6148-B). Cupertino, CA.

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Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Emulating this? It could probably run under: LisaEm

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