Lisa to Macintosh Migration Tools

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What is Lisa to Macintosh Migration Tools?

1st Download: Images in DART format

2nd Download: Images in IMG format

To use: Power Lisa off and insert the disk Migrate1 then power Lisa on. Follow the prompts to install but do not erase the disk when the installer asks as this will prevent Lisa from starting up (why this is an option I do not know.) After the installation is complete then start Lisa up to the Lisa Office System. If Migrate2 is not already inserted in the diskette drive then do so. The Lisa to Macintosh application will be present on the disk. Copy the Lisa to Macintosh application to Lisa’s internal hard disk. Reference the help menu on how to prepare documents for migration.

The third disk is a Macintosh disk. If inserted into Lisa with Lisa Office System, press continue NOT initialize OR repair as this will ruin the disk. The Macintosh disk contains System 4.1 and applications to convert Lisa 7/7 documents into popular formats for use on Macintosh.

Special thanks to VintageMicros for supplying these very rare disks!

These images are verified to work in LisaEm, Mini vMac, and with a Floppy Emu.

From the VintageMicros collection

Download Lisa to Macintosh Migration Tools

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Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Apple Lisa 2

Lisa Office System 3.1

Emulating this? It could probably run under: LisaEm

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