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What is mxConnect 5.0 Demo?

mxConnect allows the Macintosh and Power Macintosh to emulate these terminals:

  • ADDS
    • Regent 40, Regent 60, Viewpoint 60
  • ANSI 3.64
  • Bull/Honeywell VIP (VIP7200, VIP7300, VIP7700, VIP7800 Series) and HDS/BDS
    • VIP7200, VIP7201, VIP7205
    • VIP7301, VIP7303
    • VIP7700, VIP7700R, VIP7705, VIP7705R, VIP7705W, VIP7760, VTS7710
    • VIP7801, VIP7802, VIP7803, VIP7804, VIP7805, VIP7809
    • VIP7813, VIP7814, VIP7815, VIP7816, VIP7817
    • VIP7824, VIP7825, VIP7826, VIP7827
    • HDS7302, HDS7304, HDS7806, HDS7807, HDS7808
    • BDS7505, BDS7506, BDS7807, BDS7808
    • DKU7105, DKU7205
  • Data General
    • Dasher D100, D200, D210, D400, D410, D450, D460, D470C
    • 5220MT, 5222MT
  • DEC VT52/VT100/VT200/VT300 Series
    • VT52, VT100, VT102, VT125, VT131
    • VT220, VT240, VT241
    • VT320, VT330, VT340, VT341
  • Esprit
    • 105C, 125C
  • Hazeltine 1500 Series
    • HZ-1500, HZ-1510, HZ-1520
  • Lear Siegler
    • ADM 31, ADM 3A, ADM 5
  • Meditech
    • 5220MT, 5222MT, PC WorkStation
  • PC Term
  • RIPscrip
  • Stratus
    • Stratus V102
  • TeleVideo 900 Series
    • TVI 910, TVI 912, TVI 920, TVI 925, TVI 950, TVI 955
  • Wang
    • Wang 2110A
  • Wyse
    • WY-50, WY-50+
  • Zentec 8000

Features include:

  • Multiple communications protocol support
    • Asynchronous RS232
    • Asynchronous RS422
    • Telnet (TCP/IP)
    • VIP synchronous
    • VIP server
    • Communications Toolbox (i.e. LAT, X.25)
  • Script processing for automatic logon and logoff
    mxConnect's scripting capabilities allow users to build a Macintosh front-end for host applications.
    All of mxConnect's functions - setting of communications parameters, operating a modem, selecting a terminal type, logging onto a host, performing a file transfer, playing back any pre-recorderd sound and quitting the application are accessible via the Cambridge Script Processor
  • Twenty-eight user programmable and selectable command keys
    mxConnect's command keys allow user-selected keys, menu items and color icons to be programmed for frequently used commands, host functions or to execute scripts.
    Command keys can be mapped to any key on the Macintosh
  • Print redirection, print spooling to any printer
    mxConnect allows host directed, page and log printing to any printer utilizing any font type and size. Host programs can send control characters or commands to the printer for customized form design.
    Printed output can be redirected to a user selected file. This text file can be utilized by any program.
  • Color attribute mapping
    Select any color that the Macintosh can produce and assign that color to any visual attribute.
    mxConnect also supports host generated color attribute commands.
  • Mouse support
    Copy and paste information between host sessions and Macintosh documents. Use the mouse to send data to the host system.
  • Supports Apple Events
    Using Apple Events, mxConnect's services can be summoned from within a System 7-Savvy application. An application can request mxConnect to logon the host, download a file, logoff the host and quit execution
  • File transfer
    • Kermit (Bull/Honeywell and Columbia Universty versions), Xmodem (checksum and CRC), Xmodem-1K, Xmodem-1K-G, Ymodem, Ymodem-G, Zmodem, Text/ASCII and Communications Toolbox file transfer protocol
    • Transfer text, host binary amd MacBinary data formats
    • Menu driven. Macro capability allows the user to bypass menus
    • Execute a file transfer from a script
    • Transfer files in the background while you perform another Macintosh function in the foreground
    • Supports host initiated and unattended file transfers
  • Automatic log-on
    Double-click the mxConnect icon and you will be logged-on your host system
  • Dialing directory
    with an unlimited number of entries


Select mxDemo.sit.hqx to obtain an evaluation unit (version 5.0.2A).


How much is mxConnect?

mxConnect is $195.00 per unit.

Download mxConnect 5.0 Demo

MXDEMO_S-HQX.hqx (495.89 KiB / 507.79 KB)
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