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What is NCSA Layout?


This is a graphics editing package that allows the user to create professional
quality color Layouts of scientific data with the ability to add annotations,
grid lines, and tick marks.  When opening an HDF file in NCSA Layout 1.3, a
list of the contents of the file is brought up so the user may choose from the
existing elements of the file.

The NCSA Layout1.3 distribution contains two Mac applications, Layout1.3 and
Layout1.3 LCsi.  The LCsi version will run on the Mac LC or SI machines without
the 68881 math coprocessor.  The other version takes advantage of the math
coprocessor to make computation faster.


The "misc" directory contains the laybat application....

The sample file includes Layouts, images, and palettes.  The Layouts include
"Shock Wave" and "vortex2.layout".  "Shock Wave" is described in the Tutorial
section of the documentation.  "vortex2.layout" is an example of what can be
created demonstrating the pasting abilities of NCSA Layout 1.3.  The drawing
annotations were created in MacDraw and pasted into NCSA Layout.  The images
folder contain two examples of images that can be loaded into NCSA Layout 1.3.
The palettes folder contains several example palettes.

The source file includes the source and make files for the application, the
color menu definition, and HDF file routines.  The source code was compiled
using MPW 3.2.

Download NCSA Layout for Mac

(1.5 MiB / 1.58 MB)
NCSA Layout v1.2b1 + v1.3 / compressed w/ Stuffit
2 / 2019-01-02 / 18770f9fb86d462f9c7107a55e051b411f74289e / /


Motorola 68K

System Requirements

From Mac OS 6.0

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K

Mac OS 6.x

Warning: Does not seem to be compatible with Mac OS 9 and crashes SheepShaver.


Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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