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  • CopyPaste additions to the Edit menu functions 

What is CopyPaste?

Don't you wish you could copy more than only 1 item at a time? How many times did you copy something and then copy something over and lost the previous copied item? CopyPaste is a system extension that greatly improves how you copy/paste stuff across applications.  First, it lets you copy and retain 10 items at once.  So instead of copy/pasting only 1 item, you can copy/paste 10 different texts, sounds or pictures at the same time.  It also adds a clipboards menu at the top to allow you to browse what you have copied so far.  You can also copy/paste by using shortcuts on your keyboard. 

CopyPaste is a revolutionary system utility that won 3 top level awards in the 90's.  Even 20 years later, its functionalities are still not included as part of mainstream operating systems.

Here are some CopyPaste features:

  • Clip Extender - gives 10 easy-to-access clipboards via menu or key command
  • Clip Recorder - remember the last 10 items copied via Command-C
  • Clip Archive - copied data is appended to one of 10 text files on disk
  • Save Clipboards thru Restart - allows all 10 clipboards to be saved thru Shutdown or Restart
  • Clip Sets - sets of 10 clipboards can be loaded and saved to disk. Various Clip Sets can be created for different tasks. Clip Sets can also be sent to other CopyPaste users for them to load and use
  • Tag and Drop - selected text can be copied to a different location with a single mouse click
  • CopyPaste Palette - a floating window that allows you to view/use the 10 clipboards in Clip Extender and in Clip Recorder (requires Mac OS 7.1 or better)
  • CopyPaste Utilities - there are text utilities, picture utilities, and date utilities
  • Application Switcher - lets you switch between running applications to copy and paste across them (e.g. convert clipboard to upper case, insert current date, etc.)
  • Clipboard Viewer - lets you view the content of your clipboards. It displays the text or the picture, or it plays the sound (requires Mac OS 7.1 or better)


Download CopyPaste for Mac

CopyPaste_(4.2).sit (481.05 KiB / 492.6 KB)
CopyPaste v4.2 / compressed w/ Stuffit
25 / 2015-12-30 / e8b9ebc9ec36be3bfe4b94e6e1507ee1743d69d1 / /
CopyPaste_img.sit (166.13 KiB / 170.12 KB)
CopyPaste v3.3 / compressed w/ Stuffit
5 / 2014-09-22 / 2015-12-30 / 83475f006f9de6de4b9e2c6650559e8a98e6fe72 / /
CopyPaste_4.2.sit__0.hqx (479.4 KiB / 490.91 KB)
/ BinHex'd, use Stuffit Expander
1 / 2015-08-13 / 88462aea917de125fae09974abe1fd170b3c5215 / /


Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68k

System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9


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